You Need To Understand How This Game Is Played

You need to understand how this game is played inorder to not be manipulated by it.

The first thing you need to know is nothing is what it says it is. And the biggest lie on which every other lie stands on is that the good and moral, the fittest and wiser are the ones that are running the world.

They are not-

The ones on the top are the evil, inferior and less gifted beings on the planet. They do not care about childrens’ welfare and human rights, about hunger in the world, ecology nor world peace, quite the contrary. They create mass trauma and crimes against humanity, they produce scarcity intentionally, toxicity in every living thing, and every war fought on the planet is provoked by them. But they lie about it.

The second thing you must understand is that evil is real, itś as real as good. It’s a frequency. It’s energy. Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy, health and sickness are energies; frequencies; vibrations. As the system is based on lies, it tells us that these are all illusions, that the things we can not see are not real, we must not rely on them and not even take them into account. Energy must not be taken into account in a serious scientific study of any sort, therefore the first step to knowing the truth about anything is completely vanished, ignored, swept away from the calculation. 

The third thing is that energy can take a physical form, but it can also stay in energy form with intention and  intelligence and can influence matter. We can call these energies entities, we can also call them angels and demons. They have no physical form but are as real as you are. The angels are in a higher frequency, 5D frequency, the demons are in a lower frequency, 4D frequency. The higher in frequency we go the less entropy we encounter, the lower the frequency the higher the entropy. Entropy equals chaos, incoherence,disorder, the translation to this into emotions are fear, anxiety, confusion, shame, guilt, the physical form it takes is illness, falseness, cruelty, crimes, avarice. The lower the entropy the higher the order, coherence, clarity, harmony. The translation of this in emotions are peace, integrity, awareness, the physical form is health, truthfulness, caring, empathy, respect, generosity.  

The fourth thing you need to understand is that human beings have a soul and souls in essence come from the 5D frequency. There are other beings on this planet that are not human beings with a soul, they are directed or possessed by the 4D frequency. Their intentions are not good as what we understand as good, their values and morals are of low frequencies; they can lie, kill, cause harm with great pleasure and feed off it. To obtain it they create chaos, suffering, illness, disorders and lie about it.

The fifth thing you need to know is that the whole system that runs the planet is controlled by these evil entities. All the establishments are aimed at turning people into traumatized individuals who dwell on fear, suffering, scarcity and anguish, so the entities can lower their vibration, or frequency, enough to get hold of their thoughts and get access to their energy. Tapped Emotions are the anchors that allow these entities to hook onto them. Trapped Emotions are energy balls of low frequency emotions caused by trauma in the human being, and they are at the bases of every illness, disorder and suffering in emotional, physical and mental form. They create the bases for false beliefs, destructive behavior, harmful patterns, chaotic lives, pain and suffering. Emotions are just information. They define the way you have been wired. They tell you what your beliefs are, what your defense mechanisms are. They don’t define Who You Really Are, they define what your programs are!

The sixth thing you need to understand is that there are four main ways you can manipulate people to motivate them to belief and do what you want them to do:

1- Ideology

2- Ego

3- Reward

4- Coercion 

The most effective one is ideology. If you can make someone believe in an ideal that is bigger than they are, you can motivate them to do whatever you want them to do to serve that higher purpose. It can be a religion, a political party, patriotism, the family, science or a social movement, whatever the ideology is, if the person believes in it and thinks it’s serving a higher purpose, they will obey it without questioning it. You can turn human beings against themselves and their human fellow men without ever questioning it. 

Because Human Beings are essentially good, honest, empathic, loyal, truth seekers, they are easily manipulated. The innocence we are born with is not meant for a world where evil, mischief and perversity is the rule. We are born in a still developing body, we need our mothers to stay alive for a very long period of time after our birth compared to other mammals. To survive we need to develop ties of trust and love that give form to our brain structures. Evil obviously takes advantage of this vulnerable time to distort and sicken our species so it can better manipulate it. And they will use ideology to do this. They have created all types of ideologies to brake the ties between mother and child, father and mother, child with himself and his peers, etc., to make them believe there is something more important to humans than those innate bonds, be it feminism, be it success, be it reward, be it money, be it fame, be it false freedom, be it social work, be it solidarity, be it philanthropy, be it religion, be it a political ideology, be it whatever it may be, if you manage to get hold of humans at a very early age you can take advantage of the innocence and vulnerability they are born with, and wire their brains to be faithful to whatever you want. This is never achieved without trauma.

Trauma is what separates Humans from Who They Really Are, and makes them believe they are something they are not.  That’s why emotions do not define who you are, they just give you information about how you are wired, what programs have been put into you to be able to manipulate you. The greater the negative, or low entropy emotions and thoughts you have, the more manipulated you are, the less you are in contact with Who You Really Are, and the more these evil entities are directing your life. 

The seventh thing you need to know is that not all of your thoughts are yours. As energy beings we pick up information from our surroundings, form the environment, from the energy field, and also from other people. We are telepathic beings, but of course this has been very carefully hidden from us. They tell us all our thoughts come from our heads. No one has ever found a thought inside a head. Thoughts either come from our soul or angels (high vibrational beings) or they come from evil entities (low vibrational beings), we can choose to admit them into our energy field or discard them from our energy field, not associate ourselves with them. All destructive, negative thoughts are not yours, nor are they from high energy beings, they all come from evil entities, even the ones you pick from other human beings because they have picked them up from low frequency entities. Once again we are never told this, the ideology here is that you are the cause and source of all your thoughts, and if they are wrong, evil, distorted, lies, these are you, it is who you are. That’s a lie!

The eight thing you need to know is that humans are more powerful than these low energy beings when they are in connection to their soul and out of fear. The Law of the Universe states that no other being can intrude into your energy unless one gives it permission to do so, may this permissión be granted consciously or unconsciously. When we are in fear, anxiety, anguish we are not in our power and in some way we are granting this permissión, when we are told to do something or coerced to do it, like taking a vaccines, and we do it no matter the reason, we are giving permission. We give permission when we allow the negative thoughts to get hold of our minds and direct them. We are giving permission when we go against our intuitive moral knowing, when we do things that are damaging or unfair to ourselves or others. But again, we are not told this, instead we are told we must follow the ideology we’ve been traumatized into believing because that’s the right way, even though our inner being tells us otherwise.

We humans are born with free will. Free will is based on choice, and the most important choice we have to make is what to let into your thoughts, what beliefs you foster, what emotions you choose to milk. Because, although they teach us that these have nothing to do with our reality, that again is a lie. Beliefs create our reality, they allow the thoughts that are in agreement with them and reject those that are not. Those thoughts are the ones that ignite our emotions, and humans are emotional beings, we live life through out emotions and these design the way we live our lives, they create our reality.

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